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Drucken 04-12-2017

Thomas Cook Kids Entertainer 2018 – Gigajob

Picture this:
A beautiful family hotel with a Kids Club full of happy faces! While the sun is shining, you make memories with the hotel guests! Accompanied by your new friends, Lollo & Bernie, you are the face of the Thomas Cook Kids Club!
You start every working day at around ten o'clock. All days are themed and today it's Pirates Day! All small pirates join you after the crafting hour, to find the bad pirate who stole the treasure. In the afternoon you have an hour of sports with the maxi's, who have a ping pong tournament scheduled for today. In the evenings you are shining on stage while performing the minidisco. All the small pirates receive a certificate for finding the treasure. Afterwards you chat with the parents of all the international kids, because you know a couple of German and Spanish words by now. The guests just love that!

The kids have the time of their lives. You as well, because:
- You turn every day into a party! The sun and lovely weather give you energy and you just love all those happy kids!
- Together with your team you organize a number of different activities, such as the birthday party of Lollo & Bernie, or T-shirt painting.
- While you're working and doing what you love to do, you get to save some money for a holiday or the study you always dreamed of.
- During your day off, you get to enjoy the beach and local culture and food yourself! You go on a day trip or party with your friends.

Your skills:
- First of all, you just love kids. But you're eager to meet their parents for a chat as well!
- You speak English but you're curious to learn some Spanish or German words also!
- As you're not afraid to dance or present, you just love to be on stage and have some fun.
- Homesickness? What's that? You're not affraid to be away from home for a couple of months. You can work at least high season, but preferably, you can work the entire season.

Our offer:
The experience of a lifetime. A job in one of the greatest Thomas Cook hotels. Furthermore:

- Salary, based on your skills, between €760 and €950.
- Shared accommodation in or nearby the hotel your work.
- Meals and drinks from the hotels. You just got to love those buffet's!
- One and a half day off a week.
- Training; before you start your new adventure, Thomas Cook offers you a training in Portugal.

More info?
Cosmo works with Thomas Cook for 5 years to make sure we find the best entertainers available. With 21 years in the field, Cosmo is a known name in the entertainment world.
Are you ready to start your Thomas Cook adventure and become a kids entertainer?
We're looking for entertainers for the entire season (March to October) as well as high season only (July until August).

Apply now and you will receive a phone call from the recruitment department within days.


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